Thursday, 12 December 2013

Newsletter Christmas Edition

Happy holidays from our family to yours!
Well another year is drawing to a close, and that means and end of year newsletter from yours truly.  There have been births, and baby news and moving of homes and becoming homeless for some. It has been a good year, a hard year and a so so year for some.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my family a great Christmas and a happy and safe New Years. 

Babies & Milestones
As all know in February of this year I became a grandmother for the 4th time with the birth of Summer Dawn.

Recently Kirsty & Jacob discovered they were going to become parents next May and for those who do not know they are having a little girl.  This will be the 5th grandchild for Sue.

Denni & Hayley reached a milestone with their first birthdays back in September, how the time fly’s by.

It seems that each year I our family grows in number.
The matriarch and patriarch of the family now have 17 grandchildren and 9 great –grandchildren.
Do you know who should have a baby Tina she would make a great mother.

Moving homes and being homeless

This year Kathy-Lee and Michael have bought a house out at Maryland, with the help of his parents.
Sue has moved in with Tina & Tyler again, just so she cannot be living with her parents at 44yrs of age.
Kelli & Daemon tried living with Jono at his mums place but it didn’t work out and she has been left homeless. Recently she went to Queensland to visit Kirsty and Jacob for a bit over 3 weeks. She was going to stray with Heather & Paul but that didn’t work out.

So most of the time she is either here with me and Uncle Tim or with Jessica.

I wonder why it has to be so hard for a person to find a place of their own, so many places are out of the reach of many they cost so much and there is often a lot of people applying for the place. Sue has been trying to find a place of her own to rent with no luck either.

Then we have Jessica who would like a transfer to a place closer to me and her dad.

Also recently Sandra was offered a Dept of Housing place in Windale but she turned it down as she said she wouldn’t feel safe living there. I hope she doesn’t have to wait very long to get offered another place.

Vaughan has broken up with his girlfriend Hope so I wonder if he is going to be looking for somewhere new to live. I would think it would be awkward to still live in the same house as an ex. 

Child Care 

Well for those who do not know Kathy –Lee is studying child care now she wants to work in child care; in fact she has wanted to work in child care since Sydney-May was born.  She is doing the course online and is still working at the petrol station 3 days a week. Next year she will be doing her work placement at Sydney’s day care.

Next year Summer will also go into day care but a different day care from Sydney as the place Sydney goes to is full up and do not have room for her. This means I will not have Summer next year and yes I will miss her but at the same time I do think it will be good for her to be around other children her age.

Kelli would also like to get Daemon into day care one or two days a week so he get mix with kids his own age as well.

Let’s move onto preschool, well the day cares that Sydney, Temika and Liarna go to double as preschool’s so they will not have to change places to attend preschool. However , Lenny has not gone to day care so next year he will be starting preschool. This is a big thing for Heather  her baby boy is off to preschool and before she knows it he will be off to big school.  His preschool is just down the road from their house and just across the road from his sister’s school.

This year was Little Leo’s first year of big school, it was a rough start for him took him a while to settle in but he is doing much better now. Although Jessica would like to move closer to me and if that happens it will mean Leo having to start a new school all over again next year. It would be better for Jessica to be close to me when she gets a job as  then I may have to take him to school and pick him up of an afternoon. 

The Job Front

On the job front we have Tim still trying to get on full time at work, he has now been knocked back around 7 or 8 times.

Leigh this year changed jobs she is now working in aged care and as far as I know she loves it. She just got fed up with the last job and felt it was time for a change.

Jessica got her drivers authority this year, she would love to drive buses like her dad but it costs around $1000 to upgrade her licence and she doesn’t have that type of money. 

How about a hair do

Everyone in the family knows that Natasha has had a way with hair since she was a child, well this year she decided to do a hair dressing course at Tafe.

Of course she passed the course and has been trying to get an apprenticeship without any luck if she doesn’t find one she will do another level of hairdressing next year.

This year she did styling and dying and had different family members in as models.

Most of the family has thought she would make a great hairdresser. 

Let’s say “I do” 

On the 10th of August after many years and three children together Heather and Paul became Mr & Mrs Lanesbury. The wedding was held in their back yard and what a wedding it was wonderful the bride looked so beautiful. It was a very relaxed casual wedding and has to say this aunty enjoyed herself. The girls Isabel & Holley looked so pretty and Lenny was very smart. The food was prepare by Kelli and it was bloody good, the cake was prepared by someone else don’t know who but can tell you it was yummy. I hope they have many wonderful years ahead of them.

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