Sunday, 2 April 2017


Well here we are at the start of another month so that means the end of one month that month being March so what happened during March well mum has been well pretty much she did go see the specialist about her hip replacement and is now on the waiting list for that the wait will be around 9-12 months and she is still in a great deal of pain with the hip being bone on bone.

Tim talked me into going and asking about weight loss surgery I got a referral to a specialist in Gosford but when Tim rang up to see how much the appointment would cost he was told the first appointment is bulked bill but the operation would cost about $20,000 if we are not in a health fund.

So Tim has joined Bupa and we will have to wait 12 months to have the operation because he works for Comfort Delgrov he gets a discount on the health insurance and he has only covered me not himself and it still costs about $50 a week but he really wants me to have weight loss surgery and thinks it will be worthwhile.

I have increased my daily workout till an hour and half each day mostly of a morning before the day starts but have done an extra 10 minutes around lunch time as well, I am pleased with how much I am doing but have no idea how Tim feels as all he does is tell me I am fat and eat too much which really doesn't help.

Tim ordered and paid for our drinks packages for the cruise but even though I asked a couple of times to make sure the all inclusive package was in my name he still got it in his own name and he knows I am not happy about it. He got a soft drink package in my name.

My laptop packed it in at the start of the month it wouldn't boot up much to my annoyance, Kathy took it home for Michael to look at it but he hasn't done so, so I said if he can't or doesn't have the time or want to look at it fine just let me know so we can think about getting me a new computer. I have been using Tim's computer but miss having my own.