Wednesday, 9 March 2016

March is here already and I am late writing the March post

Well we are 9 days into March and I am only just getting around to writing a March post, what ya gonna do, nothing didn't think so.

Well what has March bought us, let me think for a moment, ok thought about it. Leo has been in a fair bit of trouble this month, started last Friday the 4th he was here with nanna and what did he do he wandered off and I was unable to find him. I was that upset I wanted to cry, I thought I would have to ring his mum and tell her I had lost her son, however, the little boy in  unit 4 told me he saw Leo walk out past the letter boxes and head up the road. I walked to the letter boxes and looked and he was up the road so I yelled and he looked at me and came straight home but he was in so much trouble as he knows he shouldn't do that.

So his mother grounded him but on Saturday night he pinched some chocolate, he knows he isn't allowed to go and get chocolate during the night so she added a couple of days till his grounding. Now on Monday afternoon, when he came out of the school I gave him the last of my Pepsi Max it was only a mouthful and he drank it and when it was mentioned to Jessica that I let him have it she went off her head at me.

So all in all she has made me feel like shit this week, I have decided that this Friday I am not going to have Leo, she (Jess) said it would depend on how he is during the week but the way I am feeling is that since I am not going to stick to his grounding and I will let him watch telly and she isn't going to be happy with that then I shouldn't have him while he is grounded.

Sometimes I feel like nothing I do is good enough, which is why I have been feeling sad a lot this last week.  Next week will be better.

Of course there are birthdays in March Kelli and  Heather, then we have Easter, I have bought the girls plate sets for Easter and I will get them each a large egg, still have to get the boys something but what I don't know yet.