Wednesday, 25 November 2015

November 2015

Yes I am way late doing a November post, no excuse just forgot, so shoot me.

Anyway this month marked my parents 55th wedding anniversary and to celebrate I arranged a surprise party for them that we held at their house so mum and dad could both have a drink or two if they wanted to do so. Pretty much every one who was invited turned up which was good, with the exception of my mums brothers and their wives and also none of my sister Sue's children could attend. We all were pleased that our cousin Kristine brought her mum our Aunty Pat to the party we like it when Aunty Pat comes as we all know how much she enjoys the family gatherings. Aunty Pat is dad's sister his older sister she is a year older than dad and a year younger then mum.

Also this month was my birthday I turned 53, no party but did get some nice presents, Tim gave me $100 to spend on myself, Kathy gave me a $50 gift card from Kmart, Jessica gave me a new trolley for my laundry basket and Kelli gave me some photo frames and bath stuff the frames already have photos in them I just have to decide where I will hang them. Natasha at this stage hasn't given me a gift, my parents gave me a beautiful watch and a lovely pendant and some garden lights for my garden which I really wanted too.

My sister in-law Leigh, also had her birthday this month hers is two days after mine and the day before my birthday is Dave & Leigh's wedding anniversary.

From my birthday I dig out my Christmas jewellery and my Christmas hand bag as well as my Christmas shirts and of course the Christmas decorations go up, in fact yesterday I started to get the decorations up with the help of Blain, I think he liked helping me I still have more to go up haven't done the windows yet and I need to get some blu tack to put up some of them.

Natasha is moving home this month, she has given notice to the Dept of Housing and Tim and I have filled in forms to tell the Dept of Housing that she is moving back in here. She will be out of her place by the end of the month, she has got a storage unit to store her stuff as really only her bed and fridge are coming her everything else will be going into storage, ok her clothes and Blain's clothes are also coming here can't live without their clothes, (don't want them going around naked).

I will try and not be slack with next months post, I am thinking though as I write this that maybe I should do a post at the end of the month instead of the start of the month. I will think about it a bit more.