Monday, 8 August 2016

July and August

Well we are into the first week of August so I am doing a recap of July, as well as a August post because I forgot to do a July post why I don't know I just did.

Anyway July saw Tim and I going to Tasmania for a short break, and it was cold as all shit there, not that shit is cold it is hot in fact or at least warm as it comes from a nice warm body just saying.

July also saw my sister Jeannie have another birthday, as did my bro in-law Ed and niece Tina, although when Jeannie had her birthday I was in Tassie so she only got her present last week this is because when I came home I forgot to take her present with me to breakfast on the Friday

I also saw the specialist about my tremor, he told me it was a functional tremor and that it is caused by stress and that nothing much can be done except learning how to control my stress levels. He did say he would have a chat to the movement disorders doctors to see if they agreed with him. Have to say this made me annoyed as I do not think stress is the cause of the tremor there must be another cause, as for relaxation techniques I have learnt a few over the years and I do the breathing technique most days and it does help if the hand is shaking a lot and I am feeling somewhat tense but it doesn't stop it, it only settles it a little.

I still get the tremor in my leg it happens in both legs but mostly the left leg this is not something that others can see though, my brother Dave asked me yesterday if I always know my hand is shaking and the answer to that is no I don't many times I am unaware of the shaking as it shakes most of the time now days.

The last few weeks has seen me wearing my hearing aids pretty much every day now, I even wore them when I went shopping last Friday that is the first time I have done that for years.

Now onto the start of August this has seen three birthdays already with Kayla then Tom and Landon, yesterday at mum & dad's we had a birthday cake for Landon, his mum Michelle bought the cake and what a large cake it was far too big but it was a nice cake I brought home some for the boys and myself oh and Natasha as well.

I have also sent an email to Dr Murray about Leo I am wondering if there is some kinda anger management he can try to help him control his temp, she has said that we will discuss it when we see her and that maybe he will have to see a psychologist. I would like something done as I am worried about him, when he gets angry he throws things around and he is very augmentative when he is upset and can't get that he shouldn't back chat and argue with his elders.

Well that is it for this post........................