Sunday, 28 October 2018

October Letter

Mrs Jo-Anne Meadows
P O Box 253
Warners Bay
NSW 2282
Thursday 25th October 2018


Great to hear from you again, here's hoping life is treating you well and you are happy at this time. Thanks for returning the stamp I did reuse it.

Yes all the rain was great we needed it, I don't mind wet weather as long
as I don't need to drive in it.

Last week I ordered my personalised Christmas cards from Vistaprint I only get 10 personalised cards but of course I send out a lot more then 10 cards. I also order 10 personalised cards for my parents. I have a list of people I send Christmas cards to and make with a “S” when sent and a “R” when received.

I have also typed up a list of presents I have already bought that list is 3 pages long at the moment.

Halloween is on Wednesday but I don't do Halloween for me it is an American thing my siblings are the same we all feel it is just not something Aussie's do. Although Kathy-Lee and Jessica feel different and allow their children to go trick or treating but Natasha feels like me & Tim about Halloween.

Had Natasha down a couple of weeks back having a bitch about Steve's dog which is at her place, she is fed up with taking care of a dog she never wanted and really doesn't have a big enough yard for it as it isn't a small dog. I told her to get to tough and tell him to take his dog or she is going to take it to the RSPCA.

Last Saturday we had a birthday party for my dad he turned 76 and since it may be his last birthday we wanted to have a family get together for him.

Dad loved seeing so many family members turn up all my girls went and 3 of Jeannie's kids as well her son Tyler is living in Queensland so he wasn't able to attend. However, none of Sue's children bothered to come but that was expected as they never turn up to family events. This bothers Sue so we don't mention her children not attending around her.

It turned out to be a great day,his brother Richard who he hadn't seen for 30yrs turned up with his daughter and two of his grandchildren, a few weeks back his other daughter reached out via Facebook to her father's family.

Both dad and Richard loved getting together again and talked a lot while they were together. Turns out his late wife didn't like the Jenkins family and that was why he lost contact with our family.

Richard's daughter said that it was great meeting our family and said her sister would love to meet our family as well.

When Richard was only a young child about 6 or 7 he was adopted by a family he had lived with since he was around 3 or 4, Richard is 14 months younger then dad.

I know when dad was 8yrs old he was spending the school holidays with his Aunt & Uncle when his mother left his father for another man abandoning 5 of her 6 children. She took only her youngest child with her, in fact it was 8yrs later when my dad was walking through a park in Sydney that was opposite his mother's house when she saw him and said to Denise I think that's your brother over there. Until then Denise didn't know she had a brother let alone 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

Well that's all from me for this letter, until next time, take care, stay safe and write when you can.