Friday, 1 January 2016

January 2016

Hello 2016 a new year a new me, ok maybe not I pretty much stay the same year in and year out but that is ok I think, because I think most people like me just the way I am.

Christmas was a bloody great one more or less, yes on Christmas morning I was quiet sad and felt like crying but don't really know why I felt like that I just did.

Christmas morning saw only me, Tim and Tasha here for the first half hour then Jessica turned up with Leo and he had a ball opening his presents from Nanna and Papa and I think he liked all his presents, Leo gets excited about presents and it shows, unlike Blain who doesn't.

I went over to my parents place to start the spuds as we had baked potatoes with our lunch, I had done a potato bake the night before and Jessica bought a gingerbread house for lunch which most people tried and liked.

Now this month we have 6 birthdays starting with Temika who will turn 6, the Leo who turns 8, Liarna will be next she turns 6, followed by Sydney-May who will also turn 6 and then we have Tim who will be 55 and lastly my mum turns 76.

We have had accident in the family, the person involved wasn't seriously hurt and was really lucky they didn't kill themselves or anyone else as they had been drinking and then got behind the wheel of their car.

On New Years Eve, we had Leo for the night, Jessica ended up going to Jono & Kelli's place for the night and had a few drinks, she didn't pick Leo up till around 3pm but that was ok, Leo is no trouble when he is here if he has his medication.

Blain was at his father's he is there for the week, on the 10th Tim, Jessica, Leo and myself are going to Canberra for a short holiday we leave on the 10th and return on the 13th Blain will be with his mum who will have to work and while she is at work he will stay either with Kathy or Jessica.

The tremor in my right arm is improving with the new medication I take although it still does shake when I walk and my arm doesn't swing and the last few mornings when I wake up it is stiff and sore and aches so much, in fact it aches most of the day.