Sunday, 2 August 2015

August 2015

Been a while since I have done a post here, I had decided to not do any more newsletters but  have changed my mind and decided I will do a post here at the start of each month starting with this month. 

Since the last newsletter we have an another addition to the family with the birth of Kelsi Jayne who was born on the 7th May 2014 she is the first child of Kirsty and Jacob. 

This year I have gone back to having a grandchild staying here many nights a week, Blain is here often from Monday to Friday nights except for Tuesday night when he stays at his place with Jessica and Leo, Jessica goes home after Natasha gets home from work. We also have Leo here at least one night a week usually Saturday night, this is because Jessica wants to have a break from Leo. 

The reason I have Blain is because Natasha is working Monday to Friday at night as a cleaner, she doesn't like the night work and would love to be able to find some kind of day work but she is at least happy to have a job.  If Jonathon isn't working he will have Blain but since he is a security guard working nights and he also doesn't live local any more so he only has Blain when it is possible. 

Blain is missing is mummy and daddy and wishes he could see them more, Natasha only gets to see him of a morning before he goes to school, she always takes him to school so she can spend so time with him each day. Of a weekend if he isn't going his fathers he spends time with his mum, it is hard for him to adjust but he is getting there. 

When he is here Blain sleeps in/on my arm chair since he has started doing this we decided to get rid of the old mattress that was on the floor in the spare room. at some point we will get another bed or maybe a lounge for that room. However, it isn't high on our list of things to do. 

At the end of the month the 23rd exactly Tim and I will be going back to New Zealand for a weeks holiday this time we are going to fly into Christchurch and see the bottom half of the South Island.  Tim keeps telling me that it is going to be bloody cold this I know and for whatever reason I am not concerned about that I will deal when we get there. This will be our 3rd trip to New Zealand and I never wanted to go there to start with and now I am looking forward to our third trip there.