Tuesday, 27 August 2013

August Newsletter

                           A WEDDING IN THE FAMILY

We have had a wedding in our family recently my beautiful niece Heather married her long time partner Paul in a simple ceremony at their home. Heather looked gorgeous in her dress which she got from City Chic. Heather was given away by her father Rex. 

Isabel and Holley,looked so pretty and Lenny looked very handsome in his pants, shirt and vest. Paul also looked quite smart in his pants, shirt and vest father and son were a matching pair. 

The whole wedding was great it was a very relaxed day and it was great to see the children running around playing and because it was held at their home it was easy for their children to go in and get changed out of their wedding clothes after the ceremony and photos were over. It was one of the best weddings I have ever attended. 

When Jono and Kelli arrived and I noticed they had Blain with them I became all chocked up with emotion, I also had a little cry during the ceremony................or my eyes started to water.........
which ever sounds better...............lol

                                      Health Problems

There  have been some health problems in the family recently, starting with my mum who had to have a hysterectomy to days before Heather's wedding, which is why her and dad did not attend the wedding. Mum's recovery has been ok she has had a lot of trouble walking around and doing things but is improving at this stage she still isn't driving  and still cannot lift heavy things.

Last week me and Sandra had to do her monthly shopping for her as there was no way she would had been able to wonder around the store for an hour or more. In fact I enjoyed doing the shopping with Sandra. 

Now let's move onto dad, he had a bad turn a couple of weeks ago, it was a Friday morning and he was very disorientated and incoherent and my sisters who saw him were worried about him. It had started the night before and if mum hadn't been unwell herself they may have called an ambulance for him but they didn't and in fact he would not go to hospital. I was worried because the symptoms pointed to another mini stroke and I felt they should had taken him to hospital. 

Anyway he went and saw Andrew (GP) that afternoon who sent him to the hospital for an chest xray which showed he had a bad chest infection and he had to take antibiotics. He is doing much better now but I am still concerned, I do not know if mum told Andrew about how disorientated and incoherent he was on the day. 

I know that dad is worried that if he tells Andrew how bad he gets in terms of being disorientated at times that they may take his licence off him. However he doesn't do a lot of driving any more, most of the time it is mum who drives and I do understand that he likes having his licence and all but he has to think about his health first. His licence isn't going to do him any good if he has a stroke and becomes unable to move.  

Now let's move onto my beautiful sweetheart Kelli who only last week was rushed to hospital with appendicitis and had to have her appendices out. She was discharged from hospital the following day and has been in a lot of pain since, thankfully I have heard that Jono has been wonderful in taking care of her. Daemon has been staying with either Jessica or Heather while Kelli is recovering as there is no way she would be able to care for him as she would not be able to lift him for a few weeks to come.
                                     My Grandchildren

I know I am lucky that I get to see my grandchildren a lot sometimes I have moments though that I miss "My Blain" only at times, I understand that he doesn't often want to come and have a a sleep over at my house, he will often prefer to come for a visit and then go home after a couple of hours and I get that. I just get a little upset when his mum tries to make him spend the night if it isn't what he wants to do then don't force him.

Of course we see Little Leo pretty much every week, I have had a few times when I have had to tell Jessica I was not up to having him as I was feeling unwell and wanted to go to bed early and didn't want to have worry about him. 

He has settled into school more now and is having  speech therapy to help him with his speech,  Jessica is terrible at getting him to do his homework, I have done it with him and I know it isn't easy and I could only spend 10 minutes working on it with him but that is better then nothing. 

Sydney-May is doing really good at swimming and can now swim without a bubble for a short distance and she is still loving it. I am so proud of Kathy for taking her to swimming lessons for so long I know it hasn't been easy money wise.

Summer is now starting to crawl dragging herself along the ground on her tummy. 

I am watching Summer every Wednesday and Thursday while Kathy is working and have to say I love having her most of the time the days go pretty fast, it feels like she is dropped off and in no time Kathy is picking her up again. 

                   Coming Birthdays & a Anniversary

We have a few birthdays coming up in the next month starting with Hayley who will be 1 and then Kathy who will be 28, then we have Denni also turning 1. 

The on the 22nd we have my wedding anniversary, Tim and I have been married 29yrs this year. 

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