Sunday, 6 December 2015


Who can believe we are into December already, I have got decorations up on the walls, although this year the tree is not going up really don't have the room for a tree, I do have a small tinsel tree that is sitting on top of the entertainment unit. Mostly I use the decorations that stick to the wall they are easy on and easy off, Tim complains about the expense but I generally buy them at the end of year sales when you can get them for -50-75% off the marked price. I also buy my Christmas cards at the end of year sale.

My daughters who I love so much really suck at Christmas decorations, they do not bother much if at all and that annoys me, they should be doing it for their children, Christmas is a wonderful time of year.  All my family know that I love Christmas and love to buy and give gifts to my family and I like to decorate the house and car.

Natasha wants to dye my hair, I am happy going grey as I don't want to worry about the cost of dying it regularly but she is insistent that my hair should be dyed, I also need to have it cut as I do not like long hair and  yes I know it isn't really long but for me it is so I am hoping Tim will cut it for me this afternoon.

The only birthdays we have in December are Blain's and Jonathon's first up will be Blain's which is next Saturday he will be 10, yes 10 bloody hell can't believe that he is turning 10, ok I can and do believe it why do we say things like that, he is turning 10 that is just the fact of the matter.

Also on the topic of Christmas decorations, I guess you could say I like to decorate myself for Christmas in that I often wear a Christmas Tee shirt and have Christmas ear rings and necklaces and I have a number of Christmas brooches I like to have matching ear rings and brooches also if I could I would have a matching necklace.

I also use Christmas writing paper for my letters at this time of year, I am also the one who does all the Santa letters for the young children in the family, why well because that is me I enjoy it, when Blain and Leo got their letters last week they were both super excited about getting a letter from Santa.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

November 2015

Yes I am way late doing a November post, no excuse just forgot, so shoot me.

Anyway this month marked my parents 55th wedding anniversary and to celebrate I arranged a surprise party for them that we held at their house so mum and dad could both have a drink or two if they wanted to do so. Pretty much every one who was invited turned up which was good, with the exception of my mums brothers and their wives and also none of my sister Sue's children could attend. We all were pleased that our cousin Kristine brought her mum our Aunty Pat to the party we like it when Aunty Pat comes as we all know how much she enjoys the family gatherings. Aunty Pat is dad's sister his older sister she is a year older than dad and a year younger then mum.

Also this month was my birthday I turned 53, no party but did get some nice presents, Tim gave me $100 to spend on myself, Kathy gave me a $50 gift card from Kmart, Jessica gave me a new trolley for my laundry basket and Kelli gave me some photo frames and bath stuff the frames already have photos in them I just have to decide where I will hang them. Natasha at this stage hasn't given me a gift, my parents gave me a beautiful watch and a lovely pendant and some garden lights for my garden which I really wanted too.

My sister in-law Leigh, also had her birthday this month hers is two days after mine and the day before my birthday is Dave & Leigh's wedding anniversary.

From my birthday I dig out my Christmas jewellery and my Christmas hand bag as well as my Christmas shirts and of course the Christmas decorations go up, in fact yesterday I started to get the decorations up with the help of Blain, I think he liked helping me I still have more to go up haven't done the windows yet and I need to get some blu tack to put up some of them.

Natasha is moving home this month, she has given notice to the Dept of Housing and Tim and I have filled in forms to tell the Dept of Housing that she is moving back in here. She will be out of her place by the end of the month, she has got a storage unit to store her stuff as really only her bed and fridge are coming her everything else will be going into storage, ok her clothes and Blain's clothes are also coming here can't live without their clothes, (don't want them going around naked).

I will try and not be slack with next months post, I am thinking though as I write this that maybe I should do a post at the end of the month instead of the start of the month. I will think about it a bit more.

Thursday, 1 October 2015


Hello October, we have a number of birthdays again this month starting with my baby sister Sandra on the 14th then there is dad's birthday on the 16th then we have a couple of weeks break before we have Sue on the 28th and then Dave my baby brother on the 31st.

Last month my mum signed up for Facebook, yes mum is now on Facebook via her phone my sister Sandra signed her up and mum has told me she is so happy that she did as mum has mentioned a few times to me that she has seen this or that on Facebook.

School goes back next Tuesday for the last school term of the year, school will break up around the 18th December this year.

This weekend is a long weekend with Monday being Labour Day here in New South this is the day we have to mark the eight-hour working day for Australians, it also recognises workers' contributions towards the nations economy. It is an annual public holiday and its date varies across the states and territories. It is also the last long weekend of the year.

Of course I will be having Blain most nights starting from Tuesday night again this term with his mum still working at night as a cleaner. She would really like to find day time work as she is finding night work exhausting and she misses seeing Blain as she only sees him for half an hour or so each morning and this is also upsetting for Blain as well.

Leo is still suffering from jealousy with me having Blain so often but it isn't something I can do anything about, also I don't get to see my granddaughters as often as I see Blain but this is just the way it is at this time, things change all the time.

I have started getting Christmas presents online as I do every year, in fact I start Christmas shopping on Boxing day if not earlier. I love to give and it annoys me that Tim doesn't get that I am a giver.

Oh yeah I know that October is when some parts of the world celebrate Halloween and yes I know there are some in Australia who celebrate it but not me nor my family as for us it is not an Australian thing. 

Ok that is all for this month, not much is happening at this month.

Monday, 14 September 2015

September 2015

Hello September, and yes I know you are half over and I am sorry for that but I have been either to busy or lazy to write this post but I am doing it now so don't complain.

Anyway what does September mean well like most months of the year it means birthdays, starting with Hayley's she turned 3 on the 9th and then Kathy-Lee turned 30 on the 10th and Denni will also be 3 on the 15th. I know that Samantha had a party for Hayley but I didn't attend, wasn't invited but that is ok I am not bothered by that and Sandra is having a family party for Denni next weekend which I will attend.

I had a party for Kathy-Lee yesterday, there was about 16 people here from both sides of her family, as in her side and her partner Michael's side, as I invited his parents and brother and sister in-law, his brother couldn't attend as he is away working.

Michael had gone away camping but it was only 45 minutes away and after Natasha told him off and his parents said something to him he decided he would come back from camping to attend and the whole thing was a surprise for Kathy.

Although she did say at one point she had wondered why I had made so much food and why dad (Tim) had cleaned the lounge room, and by clean I mean he took everything and dumped it in either the spare room or his room/office.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and of course there was plenty of food, as I was up at 6.30am I went for a walk and bought bread and shredded ham they didn't have diced bacon and after returning home I made a potato bake and a chicken and bacon pasta bake along with home made fried rice, snags and of course bacon.

There of course was cake this cake in fact and it tasted pretty good I bought it from a local supermarket that does cakes so it was both nice and affordable.

Also in September is Tim and mine 31st wedding anniversary so that is September in my family.  

Sunday, 2 August 2015

August 2015

Been a while since I have done a post here, I had decided to not do any more newsletters but  have changed my mind and decided I will do a post here at the start of each month starting with this month. 

Since the last newsletter we have an another addition to the family with the birth of Kelsi Jayne who was born on the 7th May 2014 she is the first child of Kirsty and Jacob. 

This year I have gone back to having a grandchild staying here many nights a week, Blain is here often from Monday to Friday nights except for Tuesday night when he stays at his place with Jessica and Leo, Jessica goes home after Natasha gets home from work. We also have Leo here at least one night a week usually Saturday night, this is because Jessica wants to have a break from Leo. 

The reason I have Blain is because Natasha is working Monday to Friday at night as a cleaner, she doesn't like the night work and would love to be able to find some kind of day work but she is at least happy to have a job.  If Jonathon isn't working he will have Blain but since he is a security guard working nights and he also doesn't live local any more so he only has Blain when it is possible. 

Blain is missing is mummy and daddy and wishes he could see them more, Natasha only gets to see him of a morning before he goes to school, she always takes him to school so she can spend so time with him each day. Of a weekend if he isn't going his fathers he spends time with his mum, it is hard for him to adjust but he is getting there. 

When he is here Blain sleeps in/on my arm chair since he has started doing this we decided to get rid of the old mattress that was on the floor in the spare room. at some point we will get another bed or maybe a lounge for that room. However, it isn't high on our list of things to do. 

At the end of the month the 23rd exactly Tim and I will be going back to New Zealand for a weeks holiday this time we are going to fly into Christchurch and see the bottom half of the South Island.  Tim keeps telling me that it is going to be bloody cold this I know and for whatever reason I am not concerned about that I will deal when we get there. This will be our 3rd trip to New Zealand and I never wanted to go there to start with and now I am looking forward to our third trip there.