Sunday, 17 February 2019

Mum & Driving

My mum is a loving and caring woman, who will do anything she can for her children and grandchildren.

Recently she has felt that some of her children are not there for her. She feels they are not supporting her and are often running her down.

Now I want to say that I know there are two sides to this and I am in no way trying to say that my siblings are in any way in the wrong. I am just putting across mum's side.

I speak to mum every night and the last couple of nights mum has been in tears because of how she feels she is being treated. I always say our feelings are neither right or wrong they are just our feelings and we feel how we feel.

Now you maybe wondering what the issue is that is causing mum to feel how she is, well it is about her driving again. Mum hasn't driven since late in 2017 or early 2018 due to health issues. However, she is now much better, she has had her hip replaced and is walking fine.

The problem is two of my siblings do not want her to drive again, well that is what mum thinks. Mum wants one of her children to go with her to see how she manages driving. She has been asking for over a month but they never seem to have the time.

Now because of her diabetes mum needs a medical review done and when she asked her GP he wouldn't fill the form in but said for her to have her eye check done and then he would see. Well that didn't sit well with mum and yesterday she went and had her eye check done, on Monday she is going to see a different GP to see if they will fill in the form.

She also spoke to the physio about driving and she said she sees no physical reason why she can't drive.

What mum wants is too feel that her children are supporting her, that they will do things to help her drive again. Instead of yelling at her and telling her she can't drive.

If mum attemps to drive and doesn't feel comfortable she will not drive, she just wants to try, if she can keep her licence and drive to the shops and back she will be happy, we are talking a distance of maybe 5k's or 3miles once or twice a week.

Friday, 8 February 2019

January & February Letter

Mrs Jo-Anne Meadows
P O Box 253
Warners Bay
NSW 2282
Wednesday 6th February 2019


Great to hear from you again,hope all is well with you. Don't worry about taking a while to write back sometimes life gets in the way or we just don't feel like writing.

I am doing well my state of mind has improved and I an not as depressed, in fact I am feeling so much happier. Yes my body is letting me down but I am still able to do lots of stuff. Helps that I am taking my medication as I should.

Been stinking bloody hot here the last few weeks thankfully we have air conditioning. I really don't like it when it is humid and I find myself dripping in sweat. When it is stinking hot I prefer to stay home and do little.

As I write this my dad is in hospital again, he had a bad night last Wednesday night and Thursday morning my sister Sandy rang the ambos for him. He was unable to catch his breath and nothing he did or took helped. Since being in hospital there has been little change in his health, he is still having trouble breathing.

During the school holidays we didn't go away or do much at all Tim had some time off work but for the most part he just stayed home and chilled.

Tasha has at last got rid of Steve's dog she rang the ranger who came and collected it. She has also got rid of Steve's stuff, I did a little happy dance.

On Christmas Eve Jessica was driving out to Cessnock to see her cousin and she gets pulled over by the cops for driving an unregistered car, and an uninsured car, this was what the hell how the hell did that happen. Jessica rang me in a right state she was crying and really upset it took a while to calm her down and when we went to the RTA they said I had stuffed up this made me feel awful.
When she bought the car last month the first thing we did was go to the RTA and transferred the car into her name and get a further six months registration, at that time nothing was said about the CTP which struck me as odd.

Well a few weeks later she gets the CTP renewal notice in the mail and I went online straight away and fixed it up, I then went to the RTA site to check it all went through but I must have stuffed up somehow because the RTA told us on Christmas Eve that it didn't go through.

Anyway since we had the receipt for the CTP we have written a letter explaining everything and hope they will at least wave the uninsured ticket, we have enclosed a copy of the CTP receipt so now we just to wait and see.

Jessica wrote away about her fines so they are under review and as yet we have heard nothing.

Around 1am on Boxing Day Tim & I are woken up by Natasha and she was in a right state the mother of a really close friend had just passed away, Natasha thought of the woman like another mother.

On Boxing Day we all went over to Kathy's for a belated Christmas lunch, the day was good, although Kathy-Lee really needs to learn how to cook a baked lunch which is why I generally prefer to do a baked lunch here as I know what I am doing.

Christmas is all said and done, all in all it was a good day, although it didn't start off that well as I had a upsetting dream the night before and this left me feeling down and sad.

Tim worked Christmas Day but I did see him in the morning and in the afternoon Jessica & Leo came over and both of them liked all their gifts.

All my girls went over to see my parents on Christmas Day, we have all accepted that it is unlikely dad will be around for another Christmas, so we all wanted Christmas Day to be special for him and both mum & dad said how nice it was to see my girls.

It was the first Christmas they have been at my parents place in like 5 years. We even got to see Blain on Christmas Day as he spent part of the day with his mum.

On Christmas Day my dad was walking from the kitchen to the lounge room with just his cane but he wasn't using his cane properly and lost his balance and fell over.

Blain quickly went and got my brother David who picked him up and his wife Leigh patched up his arms, one of which was bleeding badly.

I received some also gifts myself from my siblings and children and grandchildren, on Thursday Tim bought me a newer mobile phone, similar to the old one just a bit newer. I am happy with it, I didn't expect it so it was a nice surprise.

On Wednesday the 9th January, Natasha was concerned about the woman whoo lived it the unit next to hers as she hadn't seen or heard her since Sunday night. So she contacted the woman's son, he hadn't spoken to his mum in days, so she rang the police.

The police turned up an hour and a half later and had to break into the house which wasn't easy as she had crimsafe screens. The woman was found deceased in her bed, it looks like she died in her sleep. We all knew the lady she has lived there for 20 odd years.

Tuesday the 22nd January was my granddaughter Sydney-May's birthday she turned 9 when I gave her, her birthday present I also gave her sister Summer a small gift.

The idea of giving the non birthday sibling who is close in age a small gift is something I got from my mum.

As mum says at times a young child may not understand why they do not get a gift and giving a small $2-3 gift can save tantrums.
I have gotten used to not being able to drive although it is frustrating at times having to rely on other people.

On the 8th January Tim & Leo went away camping for 2 nights and Leo had a wonderful time, he was well behaved and loved playing on the beach while Papa did some beach fishing. He has asked Papa if they can go away camping again next school holidays.

Speaking of camping while he was with his dad & Kelli, Blain also went camping but only for 1 night as it was too wet when they went but anyway Blain said he had a good time.

On Australia Day all the girls as well as Michael (Kathy's partner) came for lunch as it is/was Tim's birthday he is now 58. It was a nice day I did a roast beef and veggies for lunch.

Well that's all from me for this letter, until next time take care and I hope life treats you well.