Tuesday, 1 August 2017

July 2017

Here we are at the start of another month so what happened during the month of July the biggest thing was the birth of Noah Lewis to Kirsty and Jacob, so we have a new addition to our ever growing family. Noah is the 6th grandchild for Sue and the second child for Kirsty and Jacob, he is a little brother for Kelsi, I am sure Kirsty was starting to wonder if he would ever be born since he was over two weeks late.

Also during the month Kathy-Lee's partner Michael bought himself a motorbike after getting his learners licence and naturally the more he rides it the more comfortable he feels with riding it. Now he is thinking about selling his car which I get if he is going to be riding his bike and they have Kathy-Lee's car there is no need for them to have two cars and a motorbike.

I have been using a wheelchair the last couple of Friday's when out shopping and my amazing special girl (Jessica) had been pushing me around this is a bit hard on her as the shopping centre has a number of slight inclines. I am hoping on this Friday to be able to walk a bit like while I go to Woolworths but might switch to the wheelchair after that, I would have preferred to have used a scooter like mum does but they are all booked out.

I do most of my grocery shopping online and Kathy-Lee picks it up for me from Coles at Fletcher or Woolworths at Mount Hutton this is a big help to me. She has also been coming over and doing some housework for me each week.

Leo has recently been very mummified again as in always wanting to be with his mum, of course Tim and I still have him three nights a week but he would rather be with his mum. He is rarely any trouble when I have him and has started ringing his mum of a morning to just talk to her for a few minutes before he goes to school.

The end of July saw Sydney (the place) have the hottest temperature in recorded history during winter 27°c, here in Newie it wasn't that hot but it was a warm day.

Everyone should have received an invitation to dad/poppy's & Sandy's birthday party which will be in October dad is turning 75 and Sandy is turning 40, I hope my siblings have not forgotten that they will need to give me money by mid September.

Mum is in a great deal of pain and walking even a few steps is agony which is why when she goes to Charlie she uses a motorised scooter, which makes it much easier for her to get around. I know that often Sandy & Dave think that mum should just stay home but she doesn't get to go out much and she likes to still fell she has some independence. It would be better if she didn't have to go to the doctors and could instead have the doctor go to her because it takes so long for her to walk from the car to the surgery I think when she goes to the doctors she should be taking her walker and having dad or Sandy push her on the walker from the car to the surgery and then back again it would be so much better for her.

Tim has bought new saddle bags for his motorbike and also a windscreen for the motorbike cost him around $300 all up and yes I am ok with it but a little bit of me is annoyed that whenever I want things he doesn't want to spend the money.

While on the cruise I said I hoped to lose between 20-30 kilos by the end of the year or middle of next year but when I said that I thought I would be able to walk normally when we got home and I am not able to do that at all.

A couple of Fridays ago when I got home I was in so much pain from being on my feet all morning I just wanted to cry so I sat and did nothing but rested my leg.
While I was shopping that day I had a light bulb moment about my weight, more to the point why I am not losing weight as I thought I would. Anyway while I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other and often sliding my right foot as it was too painful to lift it, I thought this is the reason I can't lose weight, I cannot walk.

So I told Tim that night, that, was my thinking and he said nothing just looked at me with a look that said “so” and I said more and he said nothing but then on Saturday morning he said to me that he thinks the exercises I am doing each morning are doing nothing and that I should start walking up and down the driveway and I said I cannot walk and I wondered what part of not walking does he not understand. I don't want to walk up and down the driveway that would involve walking past the neighbours who would want me to stop and talk and I do not want that.

If I could walk I would go for a walk but I can't, I cannot walk from the lounge room to the toilet without a great deal of pain and sometimes not without my cane. I am doing the best I can but nothing I do is good enough, well that is how I often feel.

The ultrasound of my ankle showed that I have tendonitis, which is an inflammation of a tendon, I also have bursitis. Bursitis is inflammation of a bursa. A bursa is a small fluid-filled sac that acts as a cushion between bone and soft tissue (muscles, tendons and skin). A bursa (plural bursae) reduces friction and assists joint movement.
When you overuse or injure a joint, a nearby bursa can become irritated or inflamed. The bursa fills with excess fluid, causing significant pain and restricting movement.
Tim can be so loving and caring at times and at other times he is a right so and so and makes me feel like I am not doing anything good enough.

Let's us move onto Jessica last week Jessica and Leo along with Kelli and Daemon went to visit a friend of theirs who lives around the Casino area they drove Jessica's car there and of course home again and all of them had a great time. However, after she dropped Kelli and Daemon at their home in Cessnock she hit a baby roo it damaged the front passenger side bumper bar, Leo was more worried about the kangaroo then the car or themselves, later that day Kelli drove past it and yeah it was dead which upset Leo.

She has had her car repaired now a mate of hers did it for her so it only cost $200 for the bumper which was good she didn't go through her insurance as her excess is $795.

So who to next, how about my sister Sandra, on Saturday she bought a replacement car as her was written off by her insurance company, a few months back her car broken down and she had to leave it parked down the road from her house, it was only there a couple of nights when someone smashed ever single window in the car. So on Saturday she bought a replacement car this one is a 2005 Ford Falcon Station Wagon she is really happy with it cost her just over two grand.

Recently our brother and his family went on a cruise and for a change Sandra and her girls went and stayed at his house and dog sat, this didn't bother me and her girls loved it they didn't want to leave when it was time to return home. While there Sandy cleaned the oven, shower, bath, toilet, bbq and both dogs a lot more then I would have been able to do.

Dave, Leigh and the girls had a great time on their cruise and really loved it, they didn't take Dawson or Landon as Dawson didn't want to go and to take Landon would have meant getting a second cabin so they left him with his mum, who by the time they returned was well and truly ready to hand him back for a few days.