Sunday, 16 September 2012

September Update

                                         WELCOME TO THE FAMILY

I would like to welcome to the family Hayley Jean born on the 9th September at 7.14am weighing 9.5 pounds and Denni Jean born on the 15th September at 9.46pm weighing 6.5pounds.

The arrival of Denni marks the third birth in this family this year the first being back in February with the arrival of Daemon Joseph to Kelli & Jono.

                                       COMING IN FEBRUARY

In February we will be welcoming yet another baby when my eldest daughter Kathy-Lee gives birth to her second child.

                                    TIRED WITH NO ANSWERS YET

I am experiencing a lot of tiredness with as yet no answers, yes I know it is caused by my low iron but I have no answer as to why I am so low in iron or how to fix it since I have tried iron tablets and iron injections and have not been told that I am low in B12 or anything like that. However I see a blood specialist on the 27th of this month and maybe then I will get some answers. The thing that gets to me is the need for a nap of an afternoon which only started when I was sick as all hell back in August before that I was fine I would get really tired by the end of the day but didn't feel like I needed a nap during the day and if I didn't have a nap I didn't find myself in bed at some silly hour like I do between 6 & 7pm.

                          GETTING READY FOR SCHOOL

Little Leo has been getting ready for big school next year by attending something called “school starters” a program ran by Kaleidoscope which he attended for 8 weeks recently and only got sent home Although for the first few weeks Jessica was with him in the room as he wouldn't stay in the room without her, the children were to be in one room and the parents had to be in the next room watching through a window we could see the kids but they couldn't see us.

A one-way mirror, also known as a two-way mirror, one-way glass, or two-way glass is a mirror that is partially reflective and partially transparent. When one side of the mirror is brightly lit and the other is dark, it allows viewing from the darkened side but not vice versa.

Anyway on his 5th week there he was good and stayed in the room and was a well behaved child the following week was the week they sent him home as he was too destructive and the last 2 weeks he was a good boy and stayed in the room and worked well with the other kids there was only 4 children in the group although 1 of the little girls only turned up for a few weeks. I would have liked to seen the group go a bit longer as Leo only started getting use to the group when it ended.

Jessica has enrolled Leo in Swansea Public School which is only 2 blocks for her home and she is so nervous about sending him to school next year.

                                                       MY BLAIN

My Blain has had a rough year at school, he had to change schools he now goes to Shortland Public and he hasn't had the best year and had to change classes to see if that would help but it hasn't. He is living with his dad for Monday to Friday and goes to his mums on the weekend but he is always saying he wants to live with his mum during the week and see his dad on the weekends and I do not know why he can't go back to living with his mum but he hasn't and that is that.

I haven't seen as much of him this year and I have to say I often miss him I would love it if Natasha would come to Sunday lunch more so I could see him but she always has some excuse for not turning up.


My darling granddaughter is doing so well with her swimming she loves swimming and is still going once a week and has made a lot of progress.

She is also in day care two days a week now and loves it as well she goes to the same day care that Leo attends and loves seeing Leo.

She also has started telling people that mummy has a baby in her belly and that it is a little girl baby although she has once said that it was a boy baby but most of the time she thinks it is a girl baby.

                                        BEING THE BOSS AGAIN

Yes Kathy-Lee is the boss again at work while John (her boss) has gone on a cruise which means she is working 6 days a week and this is making her exhausted to the point of tears some days and there is nothing I can really do about it. I listen when she calls me in tears but that is all I can do. I know she really would like to be able to quit her job and just stay home and look after Sydney-May but I do not thing that is an option at this time for a number of reason including the fact that I don't think Michael is really that keen on the idea but that is between Kathy and Michael and has nothing to do with me.


  1. In regards to the blain segment.
    Yes blain did move into my care because of his behavioural problems and my work schedule and I have had him in mY since feb and has had some problems at school but is making some real noticeable difference as pointed out by a number of teachers his school work has started to see improvement and his behaviour around the home has been next to perfect also on a side note the reason he changed class was due to his teacher retiring an all the children changed class. As for why can't natasha have him back as I said I have had him since feb it's not a fair assessment on my ability as a father to judge me on this time period, I understand you miss blain but it is Natasha's responsibility to make sure everyone on your side of the fam still sees him. And lastly blain saying he wants to live back with his mum, yes he has said that often in the beggening it was more often then not said when I told him he couldn't do something eg "dad can I watch a movie to bed" "no blain it's a school night" "mum let's me".... Or "no blain you can't play Xbox" "I have my own xbox at mums" and ect ect he has since the beggening stopped saying that he has started getting use to routine here homework playing playing with his little brother dinner shower bed sort of thing. I don't know what he says at Natasha's or how he acts but what I do know is there is still the occasional Monday he carries on when she drops him off I also know he is fine the minute she is gone, I do know there have been times where Natasha gets all the attitude in the world from him.... I dont get any of that. I think that about covers it for the moment at least

  2. Kelli (Daemon's mum)16 September 2012 at 16:17

    What Jonathon is saying and i support him 100% is that, the reason he is not going back to his mothers is because 1. He is not a puppy that can be thrown back and forth 2. Because he is 6years old and just because he says he wants something doesn't mean he can get it 3. Because there is clearly a change in Blain that not only we can see, but his teacher and the actual principal 4. Because he has set chores, reaponsibilties and routine in our household and it is doing him justice as we have no attitude problems, eating or sleeping problems, he cleans up after himself and helps with daemon 5. If he didn't like it here we wouldn't spend most afternoons all playing together and laughing 6. Me and Jonathon both believe that if it wasn't for his Xbox he wouldn't get so upset on the occasional Monday morning, as he does have a addiction. Switching schools again after only 9months would be rough.....

  3. Ok Jono & Kelli I wasn't having a go at either of you and if fact I am very happy that you both have commented and filled me in with stuff and I also think it is important for Blain to have a set routine and responsibilties and it is good to know he is doing better at school and Jono you should know that I have never thought you a bad father in any way ever................

    1. Kelli (Daemon's mum)16 September 2012 at 16:48

      Well that is good to know and Jonathon would be happy to read this reply when he gets off work. He is doing great at school, his reading has improved a lot, I hardly need to help him with his homework of an afternoon. And both of his teachers tell us he is steadily improving, the big fuss was he teacher retiring he liked her, she was a much older lady and is getting used to these new teachers. we both understand you miss him though...

  4. Sydney, she love love loves her swimming. i was ganna out her in daycare while i worked on tuesday, but im not now cos i know how much she loves to jump in the pool....she may not be the best swimmer there, but i sure as hell love watching her have fun.

    When sydney is older i will let her stay over your house....but as you know, trying to pry sydney away from me can be a mission on occasion. But you know she loves you very much and loves seeing you.....i guess for now, you will just have to settle for babysitting. to be honest, i think sydney would prefer to stay for a few hours then a whole you mum

  5. How many wonderful children and grandchildren do you have?

    And I hope they find out what is wrong real soon.

    1. I have three daughters and two grandsons Blain & Leo and one granddaughter Sydney-May

  6. Hope you gt some answers, but don't be surprised if it remains a mystery.....I've been through the doctors and I think they think it's all in my mind! But no matter how tired I am. I just can't go to bed early......never have.....I guess I think I'll miss something!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Nancy yeah I am use to doctors telling me there is nothing wrong with me......

  7. I hope you sort out the tiredness Jo-Anne. You'll need all your energy with all these lovely grandchildren.