Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Newstletter Update

   It’s A Girl X 2

Yes that’s right girls are what we will be welcoming into the family come September how exciting is that. On the 30th June Sami is having a baby shower I of course will be going because that is what good aunties do. Don’t know if Sandy is planning on having a baby shower this time around. The girls have also discovered that they are due one day apart so I wonder how close together the babies will be…………

        Dead But Not Buried

Who is dead you ask well its Clive, hubby’s step father his funeral was held last Friday at the Salvation Army Hall where Tim’s mums funeral was held. But as I said he hasn’t been buried he was cremated instead and his ashes will be buried with Betty’s body. Tim did get a little upset during the service not sure why I didn’t like to ask but I know he wasn’t that close to Clive although during the last year since his mum passed Tim has gone to see Clive a number of times. In fact he only went down to see him the week before he passed and at that time Tim said he wasn’t the best he was confused which was odd for Clive.

      A Motorhome Maybe

Tim is thinking of buying a motorhome when he get his money from Clive’s estate we are not thinking of anything as good as mum & dads but something. One think Tim said it must be is a walkthrough meaning you can go from the cab to the van part without getting out onto the street first. We had a look at some after the funeral and Tim said he would like to take a trip to Qld with mum and dad to have a look how much they are there.

           Turning 70
Yes that is right we have a big birthday this year my daddy is turning 70 this October and I would like to have a party for him. After discussing it with the siblings we have decided to have the party at mum & dad’s house so they do not have to worry about driving anywhere. I am more than happy to do most of the work; I am thinking we will have a BBQ. I will be sending out invitations in late August, the date will be the 14th October yes I know that is Sandra’s birthday but she said she is happy to have it on that date. Contributions can be made to me at any time and I will bank the money in my account that I have set aside for the occasion.

The proposed menu for dads 70th is as follows
BBQ Sausages & Dave’s marinated chicken fillets, bacon
Potato Bake
Fried Rice
Tossed Salad
Bread rolls
Birthday Cake
How does that sound?


  1. sounds like a perfect fun party!!! can I come?!
    lots of stuff going on...have fun!!

    1. Hi Annmarie great to see a comment here about my newsletter, out family parties are always a lot of fun usually a lot of people there too.............