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Easter Edition Newsletter

                                                    Jo-Anne’s Newsletter
                                Easter Edition 
Welcome everyone to the latest edition of my newsletter now I know some of you like my newsletters and others don’t but guess what this is about what I want to do and so you can either read it or bin it, it’s up to you.

You may notice that the tone of this well be different from other newsletters I have done in the past, why is that you ask well because during the last year I have found “my voice” or “writing style” yes I will often ramble on and you may notice me using the term “bloody hell” a lot but that is how I write now so deal.........................or don’t..........................your choice....................
                                                                     New Men
First up my darling daughters Natasha & Kathy-Lee have new men in their lives and these men are best friends have been since childhood. Both girls are pretty happy with their man now for names well Kathy-Lee is with Michael Lankshear and Natasha's bloke is Jerry Penava neither man have any children of their own and I don't know about Jerry but Michael adores Sydney-May and she adores him. The picture below of Tasha & Jerry isn’t a good one and I don’t have a photo of Michael & Kathy.
Jessica still hasn’t found her “Mr Right” and to be honest I have no idea if she is even looking or if the only male she wants in her life at this stage is Leo. I try not to pry too much into my girls lives.

                             Working or Not Working As The Case May Be
When it comes to working Natasha is still looking for a job she has completed her RCA & RCG but still no job, her new man Jerry is also unemployed. I know she wants a job but how hard she is looking I have no idea about, why because she doesn’t share stuff with me very often. I do feel like I am in the dark about a lot of things.

Kathy-Lee is still working at the service station she is now doing 3 days a week and on Wednesday Sydney-May goes to day care while her mum is at work.

Jessica is trying to get her “DA” which means drivers authority she wants to get a job driving buses and is trying to get her job network provider to pay for it but so far isn’t having any luck with that.
Tim is still driving buses for Hunter Valley Buses and he must be popular with the students he picks up as on the Wednesday before Easter when he went into work he found a package in his pigeon hole and when he opened it, it was a block of chocolate from some of the students.
                                                      Easter & Car Problems
Easter Sunday mum had everyone over for lunch and for the first time in ages all mum and dads children where there along with 6 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter. Tina had Liam with her and dad, Tim & Dave wanted us to explain who Liam was so we tried but none of the got who he was and Dave being Dave wonder why he bother asking to start with. 

Sandra told me I was a suck up for taking chocolate mud cake for desert but dad loves chocolate mud cake and everyone know that and she was a good one to talk she cleaned up and vacuumed out before I got there so who was sucking up….lol 

Now if anyone thinks it is a good idea to work on cars after or while drinking don’t do it if you doubt me ask Sandra she will agree with me, over the Easter weekend Ed and a couple of mates where working on his car and a mates car and for some reason they disconnected the battery and then didn’t know how to reconnect it yes some of you may think this is an easy thing to do but not on Sandy & Ed’s car anyway they ended up burning out the alternator.  So they had to replace the alternator and battery which they got from Tyler’s car Ed gave him $60 but  guess what the car still doesn’t go……..grrrrr
Did I mention that Tyler didn’t want Ed to use his tools to put the alternator into his own car, Ed had to borrow tools from dad to do so this really pissed Ed off. Now Tyler has in the past gone over and borrowed Sandra & Ed’s lawn more and fuel without asking in advance.

Speaking of Tyler he is selling his car to a wreckers and for spare parts why because it’s rat shit that’s why he wouldn’t be selling a great car now would he……

Back to Ed he is back at work now after having some time off because he hurt his arm, he could have done with a bit more time off but they need  the money don’t we all. Tim isn’t working much at the moment due to the school holidays but we will manager we always do……….


Only this week I have had  Diamicron added to my list of medication why because some morning my BGL is as high as 9 most morings it was between 7 & 8 but the doctor thought it was time to add the extra medication. Also I had a chat with him about the numbness I get in my hands and he told me that it was caused by the diabetes which was another reason he wanted me to start takeing the Diamicron. I knew that you could get numbness in your feet from diabetes  but didn’t know that it also effected the hands and of course there is the frequent outbreaks of sweating. So it is time I start taking better care of my self he said that being upset and stressed can make my BGL go up I didn’t know that either. Yes there is a lot I didn’t know so shoot me, no don’t I want to live……
Jessica has decided to let a couple of friend of hers move in with her for a couple of months while the save money for their own place they were sharing a place with another couple out at Speers Point but could stand sharing with them any longer. I do not know how it will work out as Jessica does like her space but it is her life and it may be ok if it is for only a couple of months. 
                                                                            Little  Leo
Recently we have been attending some appointments over at Kaleidoscope for Leo these are to help Jessica and me better deal with his behavior, we both think he has improved a fair bit and is not as bad as he was. He is using the toilet all the time now yes he has a few accidents but for the most part it’s all good now, he is still in pull ups at night but he wants to know when he can start wearing undies to bed but both Jes and me have told him he has to be able to go all week with wetting his pull up during the night. We have also had an appointment to see whether he needs speech therapy and it was decided to put him on the waiting list for therapy I hope he does have to wait to long for it to start. That said no one who sees him all the time have any problem understanding him……… 
                                                My Blain
Blain has been living with his dad for the last few months and now Jono is talking about moving to Nowra and taking Blain with him am I happy about this NO I am not but is there anything I can do about it NO there isn’t. I do not understand Natasha letting him do this but she says he is better able to support Blain at this time however I know that Blain wants to live with his mum and he wants to go to his old school, did I mention that Jono changed his school he know goes to Shortland public and if the move to Nowra that would mean changing schools again. Is anyone putting this boys needs before their own I don’t think so and yes I know Natasha thinks she is by letting him live with his dad while she is struggling money wise but there is no way I would have allowed anyone including Tim take my children so far away from me.
Does anyone know why I call Blain “My Blain” no well I will tell you when they lived at Lambton whenever I went to visit Blain would see me through the front door and hit the door yelling “My Nanny” and I would yell back “My Blain” and that is why I call him “My Blain”

                                                                     My Nan
This year my nan will be 91 she is still doing well some weeks she is better than others it always makes me and mum feel good when we see her and she is bright eyed and seems to recognize us like last Wednesday her eyes lit up when she saw us walking towards her but for the most part last week she wanted to just sleep. Each week mum applies some make up for her and I think it makes nan feel a little better nan was always one to wear her makeup each day.

Mum and I go and see nan every week some weeks we take Temika with us, ok most weeks we take Temika with us but she likes going to see great nan. We use to wonder if she ever saw pop there and a few weeks back we found out that she does not because she said anything while there but because while she was looking through a photo album with her mum she pointed out pop and knew who he was and told Sandra that he is out with great nan sitting it the chair. I know that Sandra must be thrilled that she also sees him, yes I said also as Sydney-May has seen him and she has even talked to him. Don’t know if Liarna has ever seen him though.
Dawson has started high school this year and has just turned 13 he is going to Hunter Sports High as well as Wakefield school and so far he has hadn’t had and real problems at school, yes there are times when he doesn’t want to go but hell he is a teenager and what teenager wants to go to school day in and day out I know I didn’t that said I did I rarely missed a day of school yes I was a goody two shoes and was pretty boring when I went to school. Even though I hated school yes I hated school I still turned up every bloody day it was just somewhere I had to go and deal with.  Back to Dawson he is living most of his time at mum & dads place he often doesn’t want to go to his mother’s place why well I think it is because there is more fighting and arguing there and when he is at mum & dads he feels like he can get his own way more. This is because mum & dad are more laid back and chilled now they are older.
Sue now has four grandchildren two granddaughters and 2 grandsons what a lucky woman she is………….grandchildren is one of life blessings

Sue has been living with mum and dad again for the last few months although she is still seeing Garry they just are not living together at this stage. Now I do not know how she does it I do not think I would be able to move back home and live with mum and dad even though I am very close to my parents I am an adult I have been living away from home for coming up to 28yrs so no I would not want to go back home again. 

Sometimes I wonder why Sue doesn’t get her own place she would say she can’t afford it and I do understand that but if I was in her position I don’t know what I would do. I think because Sue is a woman in her 40’s she has her own way of doing stuff and I wonder if she finds it stressful at times living with mum and dad. Also she is living with Dawson and I know that Sue and Dawson have had moments why because Dawson is spoilt just like his dad was…

Also I have heard from mum that there have been times when Sue has been nasty towards dad and if that is the case she needs to remember he is her father and she deserves respect he is a good man a loving man and he is also a sick man.
If you are one medication take your tablets whether it’s for diabetes, blood pressure, or depression take your tablets and do not spend all day in bed that doesn’t help get up get out do stuff and yes I don’t go out a socialize but I do have pen friends and blog friends and I have my family who I see weekly………………

                                                                   Who doesn’t love babies?
 On the 22nd February Daemon Joseph was born at 12.54pm he was 6 pound 13 and 51cm long. He was the first of the 3 babies that will be born this year the other two are due in September both Sandra and Samantha are having babies and they are due within days of each other…….

Daemon is Kelli’s first child Sue’s fourth grandchild and Jono’s second child he is a little brother to Blain and cousin to Isabel, Holley and Lenny.

Babies are such a blessing I love babies but I have no desire to have any more of my own but yes I would love to have more grandchildren but that is not something I control……

Sandra has said she will like to name her next child Deny James if it’s a boy and if I have the spelling wrong sis I’m sorry and I am not sure what she will name bubs if bubs is a girl and yes sis you may have told me but I cannot remember………….

I have no idea if Samantha has any names picked out for her baby, although this will be the first grandchild for Jeannie.

I don’t think Samantha had planned to have a baby just yet but she is happy, well I think she is happy, I hope she is happy and excited I know aunty Jo is excited……….lol

Lastly Dawson will have a little brother also this year his mum is expecting another baby. I hope all goes well for Michelle and that she has another beautiful healthy baby.
Sydney is doing really well with her swimming lessons and she loves going in face she doesn’t want to leave when the lesson is over I went to her last lesson and it was great watching her she would get so excited at times I am so proud of her. I am also proud of her mum for finding the money for the lessons, yes Kathy pays for the lessons on her own Chad doesn’t help out at all……….
Sometimes I feel like if I don’t do something or remember appointments Jessica will not do said thing or remember said appointment and there are times when I  do think you are his mother not me so why do I have to be the one to remember things……… 
That is it for this newsletter hope you enjoyed reading it if not well fine I don’t care…….ok I do care but I can’t make anyone enjoy or like my ramblings after all it is not like any of my family read my blog which is both a good and bad thing. Although I know at times Heather has popped in and had a read but she has never left a comment so I don’t know when she does. -Jo-Anne Meadows

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