Sunday, 24 June 2018

June Update

Well 2018 is half over and our family has increased by one with the birth of Kelli & Jonathon's daughter Freya Margaret born on the 24th June at 12.47pm weighing 8 pound 9 ounces this means that my parents now have 18 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.

As I write this mum & dad are both in hospital dad has had pneumonia and had a few falls resulting in a cracked rib. Mum has had her hip replacement at long last and is slowly recovering today she managed to get herself out of bed and walked to the toilet on her own with the aid of a walker of course.

Sandra and Sue have been wonderful visiting mum & dad a lot and Sue will move in and stay with mum & dad for a bit till they are able to cope on their own again.

I feel like shit because I am unable to visit them as I would not be able to walk from the carpark to the ward because of the amount of pain I am in 24/7.

Jessica has been getting a lot of weekend work the last few months which means we have been having Leo a lot of a weekend.

Kathy-Lee & Michael recently had to go to Queensland for the funeral of his uncle they had to take the girls with them as I wasn't able to watch them, I feel like I am letting Kathy-Lee down yet again she gets my shopping each Saturday for me but I often feel like I am putting her out asking her to get the shopping because she turns up here in a mood.

Natasha is a secretive as usual because that is the way she is, she shares nothing and keeps us guessing what is happening in her life.

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