Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Well February is over for another year and what a month it was and not in a good way, mum was in hospital again this time with a number of serious infections, in her bowels, bladder and blood, she also had another issue with delirium again on the day she went back into hospital.

She had to have antibiotics via a drip she was in hospital from the Monday to the following Wednesday so just over a week. She is home now and doing much better, on the day she was admitted she wasn't good she had delirium again, I called in that morning after dropping Leo off at school to get a form to hand into the RTA and Sandra met me in the driveway and told me mum wasn't good but the district nurse was on the way but she thought mum may have to go to hospital again.

Well I walk in to see her and she says hi Jo, I said do you know why I am here mum she said she did then she told me her urine was on the cupboard and I had to take it to the office at Dawson's school. Yeah that cracked me up and when I said I didn't think Dawson's school wanted her urine she also laughed. When the nurse was talking to her she asked mum something and mum's reply was I don't know where the cow went but it should come back it needs milking.

The nurse turned up tested mums urine said she had an infection and arranged for an ambulance to take her to hospital it was at the hospital they discovered she had infections not only in the bladder but also the blood and bowel. They also told mum she was lucky they caught the infections when they did as they could have killed her, they were that serious.

Now I know this may sound strange to some but one night when mum was really sick she felt someone rubbing her head and telling her softly that she was going to be ok, she wasn't going to die and when mum opened her eyes it was her mum and her dad was sitting in the chair near the bed, it made mum feel more relaxed and less stressed and worried. Do I believe nan was there next to mum, yes I do.

Mum has seen a specialist about her knees and hips and has been told that she needs to have a hip replacement asap and she should hear from the surgeon by the middle of March and if she doesn't she is to ring the hospital and find out what is happening. He said her hip needs to be done first then she will need her knees done.

Between the 9-12th February while we had 40 plus temps Tim and I went to Port Macquarie in the caravan and I can tell you I didn't cope well as we still do not have air conditioning in the van and I don't know if we are going to get it as it would cost around $2,000 and we can't afford that.

I did on our last day there get into the swimming pool and it was lovely hadn't been in a pool in years and have to say I did enjoy it. I even said I might look into buy a swim suit for next summer.
Kathy is having issues with Sydney-May's father he is causing Kathy a lot of stress lately. Before her and Michael started to make plans to move interstate they had a chat with Chad and he was fine with them moving had no problem at all. However, now of course he has a problem the problem arose when Michael moved I think that was when he realised it was going to happen.

Kathy has tried to talk to him and said she would like them to go to mediation through the family law court to sort things out but he is just avoiding her and doesn't want to discuss it, in short he is being an asshole. In my opinion it is more his mum then him but not being prepared to discuss it isn't helping.

Since Sydney-May was born he has only seen her because Kathy pushed for it, it was Kathy who agreed and arranged with Chad's mother to go over to her place each Wednesday night for the first twelve months. It was Kathy who suggested to Chad that he have Sydney over night when she was about 18 months old and when she started school it was Kathy who suggested he pick Sydney-May up from school and have her each weekend. Kathy has said they could make arrangements to bring Sydney-May down to stay with her dad every few weeks for the weekend if that was what he wanted but he just said no I don't want you to move to Queensland.

We now have Leo three nights a week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights while Jessica is at Tafe, her Tafe course doesn't get out till around 9pm then she has to get here from Belmont and by then it would easily be 9.30pm by that time Leo is already in bed asleep, so Tim and I decided to have him those nights but not Friday nights except for the last Friday night of the month when Tim agreed to have him as well so she could have a break, now one took my girls so I could have a break.

Now I know some people would say that Jessica is a single mother and they have it hard doing the raising on their own but I feel yes Jessica is single there is no man in her life but she is not raising Leo along she has
me and her dad and we help out a lot.

Even Natasha who is also single isn't raising Blain alone his father has him every weekend and she knows if it is needed I will take Blain to school and of an afternoon he often walks back to my house and then goes to his friends place till his mum gets here to get him.

Recently my niece Kirsty and her husband Jacob came to Newie for a visit with their daughter Kelsi they stayed mostly with Kelli or Heather, they went for a visit to see nanna and pop which made them happy they don't get to see them very often since they live in Queensland. I cannot remember the last time I saw any of them.

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