Sunday, 1 January 2017

December 2016

December is drawing to a close so that means a post here about the month that was.

This month saw us have to have a chat with Leo about the dangers of cutting electrical cords with knifes when said cord is plugged in and when its not plugged in as well.

Hell yeah what a yeah 2016 has been, good, not so good, somewhat scary at times but also bloody awesome at times all we can do is take each day as it happens, look for the good in people (somewhat hard with some people)try to be good people ourselves learn to forgive ourselves and remember tomorrow is a new day.

I have been getting up early lately 6am or earlier if I am awake earlier getting my emails read and some housework done and have to say I am liking getting up earlier. I get so much done before I have to leave to take Leo to school.

This months saw “My Blain” turn 11 and it only seems like yesterday that he was nanna's little boy who loved his nanna so much. At times I wonder if he still loves his nanna, ok I know he does but at times I do wonder as he isn't great at showing it lately.

I had to handwrite letters and Christmas cards and have to say that with all the shaking and aching in my right arm at times it is difficult to do but I keep on trying.
Has anyone had to deal with a child who thought it would be funny to stick their head in the toilet and drink the toilet water, talk about gross and funny not laughing when explaining why it is gross could be a problem,why do some children do such gross things.

On the Sunday before Christmas mum had a fall in her kitchen, her knees gave out on her and she fell onto her bum and was unable to get up. Dad and Dawson tried but couldn't get her up, she sat and cried and said she wanted Sandy, dad eventually rang Sandy who dropped everything and rushed up to mum and with Dawson's help she managed to get mum up off the ground.

The following day she went to have an X-ray and ultrasound done of her leg and hip and had a cortisone injection into the thigh but was told that there was a lot of arthritis in the hip and she may need another injection into the hip.

When we went back to physio, well at first we got the day wrong and turned up a day early, then when we went back the next day he said there was nothing he could do to help mum and she needs to have surgery on her knees.

Also the Wednesday before Christmas mum and I went to the cemetery to visit nan and pop and took some artificial flowers for the grave.
Mum admitted on the 23rd that she hasn't been in the Christmas spirit this year, and that she thinks it is because her mum died, der mum of course it is. I have not been as much in the Christmas spirit as I usually am too.

Christmas was a good one, although my parents were not well, dad in fact didn't get up till midday and after everyone left he went back to bed and so did mum. Mum rang me Christmas morning nearly in tears and wanted to know how soon I could get there, since we had already packed up Jessica's car and had breakfast I was able to go straight over.

I cooked up the spuds and cut up the chicken, turkey and pork and put the fried rice in the oven to warm up.

All in all Christmas Day was a good day I got some awesome presents from my parents and siblings as per usual and Kathy gave me a lovely top, Jessica is going with me to Harvey Norman to help me pick out a tablet or netbook and will be chipping in for the cost of that.

So that is all for this month I will be back next month with more dribble aka family news.

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