Tuesday, 24 May 2016

May 2016

Well May is just about over and I yet again forgot to write a May post but better late then never I guess.

So May saw Mother's Day and what a good Mother's Day it was I got some nice presents, and had a good day as did my mum and my girls I think had a good day as well. I spent the morning cooking. I did a full cooked breakfast for the family, bacon, eggs, hash browns, piclets, croissants and sausages.

After breakfast well a couple of hours later Tim and I went over to my parents place for lunch we had Henny Penny

Last week Tim decided to switch us to the NBN and we set it up Thursday night and have had no internet since, of course on Friday hundreds of thousands of people had no internet and that was why we where told we had none, maybe the fault is still the reason we have no internet but it is both frustrating and ok, doesn't hurt to be unplugged for a day or two but at the same time it is so frustrating. Tim will ring Telstra again when he finishes watching his movie, my daughter Kathy-Lee has been without internet for 9 days now not sure why hers is down but she was told yesterday that it will be back by the 23rd which is tomorrow so she is hoping it is, as Michael needs the internet for his business.

While we are away Natasha wants to re-organise the photos on my walls, she has been nagging me to take them down so she can rearrange them in a better order and she told me any she doesn't like she will not be putting back up. I can tell you that I will be pissed if she doesn't put up most of them ad I like my photos it is who I am.

Speaking on Natasha she has recently been having a bitch to her friends about how my house is always messy and I have too many photos on the walls and also she doesn't like that I have stuff animals on my walls and was annoyed that they said it's her house she can have things on her walls if she wants too, so she then had a bitch to Blain's dad and he said it's your mothers house she can have whatever she wants on the walls and if it's not clean enough for you than you clean it but it's your parents house and if they are happy then that is all that matters. She was expecting people to agree with her not side with me, so it came as a bit of a shock when they didn't agree with her.

Of course May saw my beautiful niece Kirsty marry her partner Jacob although on the day it rained so they had to move the wedding from the beach to the church. I sent a present up with Jono and Kelli and I dog sat for Dave and Leigh while they went to the wedding in place of mum and dad.

Blain had a great time in Queensland with his father and Kelli and said the wedding was nice he liked the house they were staying in as it had a games room and Kelli's sister Heather and her husband Paul where staying there too so there were other kids to play with as Heather has three children and of course Kelli and Jono have a son Daemon who is Blain's little brother. All in all there was5 children in the house.

I had to go and get an injection into my lower back to help with the pain I have, it has helped as the pain is bad and many days I can't stand or sit for any length of time, ok in fact standing is something I manage for only a few minutes at a time, I can sit for longer but even sitting causes a lot of pain lately.

Kathy-Lee has been coming over to iron her father's work clothes, Tim asked me why she did that as I am able to iron his clothes if I sit down, I said because she wants to help me and what is the harm in letting her if it makes her feel good. She has been coming to help me with my weekly shopping at first I didn't think I needed her help but I was wrong I do need it last Friday I was so glad she was with me as I was in a lot of pain and oh so tired that I couldn't have managed without her help. 

Tim and I along with my parents are going on a cruise at the end of the month it is a 14 night cruise to Fiji, this will be mine and Tim's second cruise but it is mum and dad's first cruise both mum and I are excited and mum said dad is even acting like he is excited about the cruise.

Dad because of his health is unable to fly well he is unwilling to risk flying as he would need to get medical clearance to fly before hand and on the day of the flight if he doesn't appear well to staff he may need to get clearance again from the airlines doctor to fly.

A cruise however, is better as he doesn't have to worried about pressurised cabins and if he needs to rest he can go to his cabin and have a lay down and he is taking the oxygen thing to use if he becomes too short of breath.

Dad and mum didn't have any interest in visiting other countries when dad retired in 2001, it is only been in the last 3 years that dad has said a number of times he would like to go overseas but of course with his health that is easier said then done as when he is really unwell he worries about how he would cope that is why I suggested a cruise and if he likes it and want to they might be able to take another cruise to say New Zealand sometime in the future we will see what he thinks after this cruise.

Tim wasn't that interested in a cruise till we went on one back in 2010 and he only agree to go on one because he loves me and he knew it was something I wanted to do and what did he discover he liked the cruise a lot. He really enjoyed himself and that is why he was willing to go on another cruise this time with mum and dad. In fact I remember on our last cruise he said that the next time we went on a cruise we should get mum and dad to come with us.

We have taken many holidays over the years with my parents, all of them we have enjoyed a lot some of the best holidays we have had were with mum and dad.

Leo has indeed mastered riding his bike, he loves riding it, however, Blain isn't even willing to try and learn to ride the bike his mum bought him she was willing to help him and even went and bought him training wheels because he asked her to do so. He tried to ride it but got scared and wouldn't try again, so she is somewhat annoyed with him, Leo keeps telling him it's not that hard and he has training wheels so he shouldn't fall off, Leo learnt in only a few hours and mastered it in a few days of riding it every chance he got.

When my girls were in school we bought them so cheap mobile phones and they loved having one they could only ring us if they needed us and they had to answer if we rang them which they did it was a weight off my mind while they were going to a friends house.

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