Sunday, 6 December 2015


Who can believe we are into December already, I have got decorations up on the walls, although this year the tree is not going up really don't have the room for a tree, I do have a small tinsel tree that is sitting on top of the entertainment unit. Mostly I use the decorations that stick to the wall they are easy on and easy off, Tim complains about the expense but I generally buy them at the end of year sales when you can get them for -50-75% off the marked price. I also buy my Christmas cards at the end of year sale.

My daughters who I love so much really suck at Christmas decorations, they do not bother much if at all and that annoys me, they should be doing it for their children, Christmas is a wonderful time of year.  All my family know that I love Christmas and love to buy and give gifts to my family and I like to decorate the house and car.

Natasha wants to dye my hair, I am happy going grey as I don't want to worry about the cost of dying it regularly but she is insistent that my hair should be dyed, I also need to have it cut as I do not like long hair and  yes I know it isn't really long but for me it is so I am hoping Tim will cut it for me this afternoon.

The only birthdays we have in December are Blain's and Jonathon's first up will be Blain's which is next Saturday he will be 10, yes 10 bloody hell can't believe that he is turning 10, ok I can and do believe it why do we say things like that, he is turning 10 that is just the fact of the matter.

Also on the topic of Christmas decorations, I guess you could say I like to decorate myself for Christmas in that I often wear a Christmas Tee shirt and have Christmas ear rings and necklaces and I have a number of Christmas brooches I like to have matching ear rings and brooches also if I could I would have a matching necklace.

I also use Christmas writing paper for my letters at this time of year, I am also the one who does all the Santa letters for the young children in the family, why well because that is me I enjoy it, when Blain and Leo got their letters last week they were both super excited about getting a letter from Santa.


  1. It's your hair if you don't want to dye it then don't! Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks

    1. You have not met my daughter she doesn't take no for an answer