Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Cleaning Out


As most people may have noticed I have not been around as much this is because I have been busy cleaning out my parents house. I am done as the inside is done, well as much as can be, the rest will be done after my nephew is relocated.

I was in charge of sorting through photos and paperwork and was there a lot of photos hundreds of photos. I tossed all the scenery ones, all the ones of people we don't know and some that had multiple copies except one.

There were receipts dating back to the year 2000.

Also we found a shit load of wool and other knitting and crochet stuff, Mum didn't crochet that belonged to my great-aunty Joyce, Dad's aunt.

There is still under the house to be done but I would be useless when it comes to that.

We hired a 10 metre skip bin which was full in 2 days and was emptied and replaced. Of course that is expensive.

When I asked Mum why did she keep so much I heard her clearly say “because I couldn't be bothered”.

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Condolence Cards

 Condolence Cards can be sent to any of the following

Jo-Anne & Tim 

P O Box 253

Warners Bay

NSW  2282

Sandy & Ed Crawford

1 Hallvert Close


NSW  2290

David & Leigh

31 Robert St


NSW  2287

Jeannie Evans & Peter Hobson

6 Dalwood Street


NSW  2322

Sue Jenkins

3/6 Ida Street


NSW  2290

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Rest in Beautiful

 MAVIS JEAN JENKINS 30 JANUARY 1940 ------------12 APRIL 2021


R.I.P my mumma bear passed away 9:40 this morning with me and my bro and my sis Jeannie by her side...you was the most loving,caring,beautiful, understanding, un judgemental mumma we could talk to about everything and anything no matter what...you my mumma will always be missed and never forgotten..we know your with dad now you can rest in peace..just rest KNOWING as we have told you the last few days we are/will be OKAY you and dad made STRONG kids...love you my mumma bea


So the world lost an angel today... sending my love to all the Jenkins and so grateful that I felt the love that was so freely shared by Mae Jenkins I can't describe how beautiful she and Denis have been to me and I know they are together now. I am sending love and hugs to your beautiful family


They were together 4 60+ yrs, her heart broke 2 say goodbye but now they are back together dancing in the clouds u will be forever missed Nanny and most of all u will be forever loved and in our hearts


Great Nanny Jenkins 24 years or so Mavis has been in my life so sad but remembered as being the most selfless woman of all time I think we are so lucky to have known her especially us knowing her on a personal level don't you think Lauren? She has done so much for all of us She is with Denis now her 1 true love her rock

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Sandy's thoughts

 Been pretty emotional today and i don't cry really at the worst of times but it started this morning and been on an off all day just can't help it...Temika just said oh mum you crying again as she caught me this morning and said a you ok you don't cry mum...well sometimes i do just not in front on my girls maybe in shower...mums is in hospital with kidneys shutting down with delirium equals confusion ...and last night she was a whole different person i had too pick up my bro and go to hospital cause she was trying discharge herself with me being her carer she couldn't do so ...but she was Angry ,mean to the core an mean what myself n bro had to go tho was nasty to say the lest very Angry dementia like ...fuck i love my sister's no matter what it's Easter weekend 2 years on the 21st since dad passed 3 Easter Sundays coming up in 2 days ..it's hard i get it if you feel like me most of all because Mum's in hospital at the same time dad passed and we don't know shit...more it reason too make the effort to go see her....me n bud are 2 out of 5.

Tuesday, 26 January 2021